Buffalo Safari and a Real, Good Brewery

On our last morning in Custer State Park, James and I splurged for a Buffalo Jeep Safari. So cool!

We had a beautiful tour of the park and even saw antelope and wild burros too.

Literally as soon as we headed back to the lodge, the weather started to turn.

I can’t believe the luck we’ve had on this trip…from James’ wallet being found on the highway to dodging weather disasters by minutes…thank you!

So, after our safari, we hit the road for our last leg of the trip to Colorado!

There was a lot of that, but we finally reached Wyoming!

And since we were so close to the border, we made a quick detour into Nebraska to check it off the list.

A whole lot more grassland, farmland and endless highway…then mountains…and hello, Colorado!

We FINALLY reached Fort Collins, CO and Joe met us for our first dinner out! We searched out a local brew/pub that makes all it’s food from scratch and sources local vendors and discovered Coopersmith’s. Perfect find! We had a couple delicious freshly brewed beers, a buffalo burger for James and a spicy black bean burger for me, and relaxed in our final destination.

So good to see you, Joe! And thanks for welcoming us to Colorado in the best way!

Next on the list: find James an apartment.



  1. Oh give me a home, where the buff-a-lo roam….
    and the deer – and the antelope play……
    where seldom is heard –
    a discouraging word – ….
    and the skies, are not cloudy – all day . . .

  2. flippin awesome you have this blog goin! I thought it was links to parks and sites you visited! hope you had fun nikki!

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