James and I Introduce Ourselves with Food

On our second day in Fort Collins, James took me to a trail in the foothills that he discovered yesterday. I forgot that we’re at about 5,000ft and I’m still VERY out of shape so climbing “foothills” felt more like scaling a mountain.

After our run, we began planning to cook dinner for all of his new roommates and their friends….BBQ! SO, we continued what we started the other night in Custer State Park and based the meal off grilled, marinated chicken and fresh vegetables. We added a delicious pasta salad and James’ famous onion relish, which is now coined by his roommate, Alex, as “Oni-Yum”. As in Yummy Onion.

Oh yes, and I made guac…because who doesn’t love that?

Success! Good homemade food = new friends!

AND, James has a great job opportunity! It is an upscale, fine dining restaurant and bar called Chimney Park Bistro in Windsor, CO owned by the head chef, Jason Shaeffer, who also went to Johnson and Wales and worked under one of the most respected and renowned chefs in the U.S.! What a great opportunity for James. Wish him luck!


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