Last Day in Adventureland

I’ve been back on the east coast for days now, but I’ve been very busy back in class and working so here is my last post about our last day in Colorado.

I flew out of Denver so James and I spend some of Saturday visiting the city. But first, our drive down to Denver was BEAUTIFUL!

Snow capped mountains in July? Yes, please!

Joe recommended we visit Washington Park and I’m soooo glad he did! What a cool place! A lake at either end, a running trail around the entire park and beer pong and lawn games throughout the middle.

I couldn’t capture the enormity and dedication to beer pong, but it was glorious. I’d like to spend more time in Denver when I visit next time 🙂

So, I’m home now (and happy to be back) and James is getting settled in Fort Collins. He’s doing so well…good work prospectives, new friends, places to hike, run, cliff dive and play ultimate frisbee.

I have to say, I’m so glad I was able to do this trip and even happier to do it with James. I loved seeing and experiencing parts of the U.S. that I had only heard about, but it also gave me an appreciation for home. I love my home and I’m so glad that place is Boston.


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