Better late than never

Since my last post, well, a lot has happened…but I don’t really feel like recapping, and instead I’d like to focus on what’s going on now. Right now, in fact. And that means ST. PATTY’S DAY O-BONES!

They’re a version of the first few batches of dog treats I’ve made that look like this:


I call them O-Bones for the obvious reason…they’re shaped like O’s…but more so because of, you guessed it…OWEN! I know, he’s a spoiled dog, but there’s no going back now, so I might as well keep on spoiling away!

So, anyways, the new and improved O-BONES have carrot and parsley (a natural breath freshener for people and pups). Yes, both ingredients are healthy for dogs but they’re also to celebrate ST. PATTY’S DAY! Owen’s name is Irish and I really got into the spirit, and bought him a new Dublin Dog collar too! 


Here’s are the green and orange O-Bones before…


Note the green and orange specs.

And with the scraps…a clover! Do I have too much time on my hands? Maybe. That’s up for discussion.


And the after…


If they’re a success with Owen, my time was well spent! Erin Go Braugh!

How about a bat dog photo for good measure?


Whatever you choose to do with your time today, get outside! Right now!



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